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ServiceNow Administrator

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Course Description

ServiceNow is a cloud-based firm offering SaaS or Software as a Service for technical management support. It operates in IT business management, operations management, and service management. These services allow the users to effectively manage teams, operational projects, or interactions with the customers using a variety of plugins and apps. Its easy integration with various tools makes it one of the most valuable services among users. This ServiceNow Admin course offers in-depth knowledge and expertise in almost all aspects that are highly used while using any part of ServiceNow.

Our experts have prepared this course focusing on basic ServiceNow concepts such as performance testing, usability testing, and reliability testing. In addition, the course covers diverse topics ranging from simple overviews to some core applications. This course is intended for those looking to develop their skills and knowledge base enough to give the exam of ServiceNow certification, which is the ServiceNow certified system administration exam. Anyone who wants to learn about the ServiceNow platform can enroll in this course. One of the critical things is that candidates with experience in IT processes or IT tech services can use ServiceNow concepts to excel. Those who are new to the ServiceNow platform can enroll as well.

This ServiceNow course assists you in gaining the required knowledge. It covers a wide range of topics such as overview, list tables and forms, data dictionary, user administration, and data security, along with update set, import set, workflow and flow designer, service catalog, notification and report, and some core applications. Those who want to give certification exams like CSA can also enroll in this course. The course is short and precise and offers to learn through graphics and animation. The course also follows a practical approach, making it easy for beginners to enter this field. We offer a "Certificate of Completion" upon the successful completion of the course and a "Certification of Excellence" after completing the quiz related to the course.

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